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There Are No Eyes In Space takes place aboard a spaceship in the distant future. 

As one of the only remaining crew, you are tasked with re-containing a dangerous creature that has made its home on the ship. Navigate around the dark corridors, restore power to the ship and live to tell the tale!

You spawn above the containment area, so find the creature, turn on the power and return to capture it. Rumour has it the monster responds to sound, so best be careful...

This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam, and was submitted 2 minutes before the deadline so is quite rushed in some areas!


Franco Evett - Lead Programmer

Ryan Donegan @DapperPlatyp - Programming, Mapping, Special Effects

Thomas Hume @duelistforhire - Design, Mapping 


WASD: Move

Mouse 1: Interact

Shift: Sprint

CTRL: Crouch

We recommend playing the game with sound on!


Install instructions

Open and extract .zip, run unity exe inside file.


Build (3).zip 29 MB

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